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The Ledger Cathay Fund

Investing in companies bringing a secure, decentralized future to the next billion users

Ledger Cathay Capital

An early-stage venture fund created in partnership with Ledger dedicated to unlocking the opportunities of Web3 worldwide — from cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance (DeFI) to blockchains, NFTs, DAOs and the tokenization of everything. We believe in a future where people truly own their digital assets and interact with Web3 and the Metaverse with full control and security. We are proud to play a role in accelerating the Web3 movement while establishing the highest security standards.

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Investment Strategy

We invest globally in companies focused on emerging DeFi, security, infrastructure, digital ownership technologies, protocols and more.

Focusing on Seed and Series A, our initial check sizes range from $500K – $4M with reserves for follow-on investments.

We bring a collaborative and community-based approach that helps crypto and Web3 builders meet talent and potential partners, innovate, reach customers and share business strategies to capitalize on major trends and scale products and services worldwide.

By combining Ledger’s world-leading experts in Web3, blockchain and security, with an established global venture capital platform – including Cathay’s extensive ecosystem, the fund gives creators and founders the capital, tools and unmatched direct industry access needed to innovate at scale from the very start.


Founded in 2014 Ledger is the all-in-one digital asset management solution serving retail and institutional clients in 200 countries. Headquartered in Paris, with offices in New York, Singapore, London and Vierzon, Ledger has a team of over 500 professionals. 

From inception, Ledger has become the de-facto standard for securing digital assets through its line-up of hardware wallet devices. Launched In 2020, the Ledger-Live platform allows users to trade, swap, and lend all on one secure platform, making it one of the securest platforms for investors to begin their crypto journey. Totaling more than 4 million wallets sold around the world, and millions of users of its platform, and its institutional clients that the company services through Ledger Enterprise Solutions (LES), the company is currently securing approximately 20% of digital assets around the world. 

It aims at keeping its lead on a fastly evolving market by investing heavily in its technology, but also in the development of new services within its platform to offer security, freedom and simplicity of use  to the greatest number of people in their entire experience of digital assets. Ledger’s ambition is to become the secure platform of reference for the entire cryptoasset ecosystem, in order to allow everyone, wherever they are, to invest, save, control, or spend their digital assets directly and, more broadly, to regain control of their critical digital data.

Ledger Cathay Fund
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Spotlight on Web3
Crypto startup Ledger teams up with Cathay Innovation to launch $110M sector fund
06.08.2022Cathay News

Crypto startup Ledger teams up with Cathay Innovation to launch $110M sector fund

Cathay Innovation is hoping to secure the bag in a new investment partnership with a company that secures crypto assets….