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Four Ways FinTechs Are Capitalizing on the Silver Tsunami

05.15.2024In the Press

BFM Crypto, The Club: A French Web3 Fund Invests in Tokens


Behind the Term Sheet: How Reuse is giving electronics a second life in Spanish-speaking Latin America


Towards a medical revolution: the impact of AI in Healthcare


Behind the Term Sheet: Meet Pulsar, the AI Startup Out to Optimize Manufacturing in Latam & the US

01.25.2024In the Press

VC Cathay Innovation welcomes the institutionalization of the crypto economy exemplified by Bitcoin ETFs.


Leading Flowdesk’s $50M Series B


Cathay Innovation US: 2024 VC Outlook


Behind the Term Sheet: Meet Nabla, the Leading Ambient AI Assistant for Healthcare Practitioners

01.02.2024In the Press

More than 40 investors share their top predictions for 2024

12.19.2023In the Press

Cathay Innovation on BFM Crypto, the Club: Crypto-assets, how to analyze the latest levels?

12.18.2023In the Press

Financing the energy transition through digital innovation: the convergence of technologies


Gaps in the Modern CFO Stack: The Generative AI Opportunity

12.01.2023In the Press

Opinion | French Tech at the crossroads


Money20/20 Key Takeaways: AI X Fintech? Not Yet.


Startup to IPO: How Tuhu Car Became China’s 1st Automotive Aftermarket Company to Debut on the HKEX

09.21.2023In the Press

Klaviyo IPO offers valuation benchmark

08.22.2023In the Press

AI’s transformative role: Making insurance accessible and affordable globally


Behind the Term Sheet: How Ghost is Revolutionizing Inventory Management with Access to Excess


Global AI Regulation: The Need for Speed in an Era of Unbridled Innovation


Data Unleashed: Navigating the Brave New World of Consumer Data


A New Intelligence Infrastructure: Where AI, Web3 & Cybersecurity Converge


Policy: The Least Spoken About, But Most Important Topic in Artificial Intelligence

05.18.2023In the Press

5 investors discuss what’s in store for venture debt following SVB’s collapse


Reality vs. Hype: How AI & Human Activity Combine

05.09.2023In the Press

Exploring the rise of finance-as-a-service in APAC


Industry Insights: How Will AI Impact the Modern-Day Education System?


Reduce, Reuse…Recommerce? Why Recommerce is the New Black

04.07.2023In the Press

VCs to recommerce startups: Let’s pop some tags


Behind the Term Sheet: How Inato is Solving the Massive Clinical Trial Access & Diversity Gap


Behind the Term Sheet: Looking Back on Reebelo’s $50M Series A and the Emergence of a Global Recommerce Player


Global Investor Roundtable: 2023 Predictions on What’s Next for VC & Startups Across the World

01.16.2023In the Press

French Tech: the 10 women to follow in 2023

01.03.2023In the Press

Venture Capital’s 2023 Rising Stars

01.03.2023In the Press

The rising star of platform services

01.03.2023In the Press

Meet the new generation of investment funds in France

12.20.2022In the Press

Web3: 10 personalities to follow in 2023


Behind the Term Sheet: Meet Kuona, an AI-Driven SaaS Company Solving CPG’s Pricing & Promotion Headaches


Industry Insights: 8 Investment Sectors that Thrive Through Recessions

12.07.2022In the Press

Recessions, Resilience And Returns: Here Are 8 Tech Sectors Primed For Growth


Understanding the Capital Behind Venture Capital


€1B to Invest in Startups Transforming Industries & Society

07.06.2022In the Press

How e-commerce companies can brave the new retail environment


Behind the Term Sheet: Meet Henry, Latam’s Tech Bootcamp Allowing Anyone Access to Higher Education

04.14.2022In the Press

Credit-focused fintechs target LatAm’s underbanked


Behind the Term Sheet: How Skan’s AI-Powered “Dynamic Process Intelligence” is Disrupting a $100B Industry


Behind the Term Sheet: How AI Rudder is Localizing Conversational AI for Southeast Asia


Behind the Term Sheet: How Reebelo is Building APAC’s Circular Economy for Refurbished Electronics


Behind the Term Sheet: How French HealthTech Resilience is Reinventing How We Treat Cancer through Digital & Remote Medical Monitoring


Global Investor Roundtable: Cathay Innovation’s 2022 Predictions on What’s Next for VC & Startups Across the Globe

01.11.2022In the Press

Top Ten 2022 Fintech Predictions


Positive Impact Throughout the Startup Journey

12.15.2021In the Press

Podcast: Where fintechs will flourish in 2022


Behind the Term Sheet: How Peek is Leading Experiences’ Digital Transformation Moment as Travel Makes its 2022 Comeback

12.02.2021In the Press

Cathay Innovation’s Keshup on Grab’s SPAC, SE Asia Tech


Behind the Term Sheet: Meet Facily, the Brazilian Startup that’s been Quietly Democratizing E-Commerce in Latin America


Behind the Term Sheet: How ZenBusiness Became a $1.7B SMB Powerhouse


Industry Insights: Fintech’s Growing Role in the Healthcare Revolution


Fund of Funds: Granting Investors Smart Access to the Early-Stage VC Game

10.25.2021In the Press

Fintech’s growing role in the healthcare revolution


Behind the Term Sheet: How LeadIQ Has Quietly Built the Next Global SaaS Leader Unifying Top of Funnel Sales with Hyper-Efficient Teams


Behind the Term Sheet: How Colizey is Reinventing Online Sports Retail for the Post-Pandemic World


Behind the Term Sheet: How Xepelin is Helping LatAm’s SMEs Flourish


Industry Insights: How insurtech is improving the way insurance is built, bought and experienced across the globe

08.24.2021In the Press

16 promising embedded finance startups that top European investors predict are the future of fintech


Behind the Term Sheet: How DayTwo is Revolutionizing Diabetes Care and Beyond with Microbiome Precision Nutrition


How FinAccel’s $2.5B SPAC Points to Southeast Asia’s Golden Age


Behind the Term Sheet: Ledger is France’s Newest Billion Dollar Company Securing Digital Assets in Tomorrow’s Tokenized World


How Wallbox $1.5B SPAC by Kensington Capital Will Fuel the EV Boom & Shift to Sustainable Mobility

06.08.2021In the Press

What The Chipper, Flutterwave, OPay And Tyme Bank Mega-Rounds Mean For The African Tech Scene


Ecosystem Outlook: The Global Hydrogen Energy Market & Cross-border Synergies


Behind the Term Sheet: How Unsupervised is Solving Big Data’s Big Problem with AI-Augmented Analytics

04.22.2021In the Press

India’s Startups Worth Billions Sidelined From Global SPAC Hunt

04.11.2021In the Press

Grab’s $34 Billion SPAC Deal Puts Southeast Asia Tech on the Map

04.02.2021In the Press

🇨🇳 Cathay Innovation’s Man In Paris 🇫🇷


French Startups to EU’s Scaleups – Part II: Customers, Products, Marketing & Sales


French Startups to EU’s Scaleups – Part I: Vision, Culture & Leadership


Behind the Term Sheet: How Wallbox’s Ecosystem of EV Charging is Pushing Forward the Shift to Sustainable Mobility


Behind the Term Sheet: Sidecar Health is California’s Newest Billion Dollar Startup Radically Transforming Health Insurance


Behind the Term Sheet: How Alma is Poised to Lead the “Buy Now, Pay Later” Movement in France & Democratize the Future of Retail


Behind the Term Sheet: Doubling Down on Iziwork to Revitalize Europe’s Economy with a New Standard for Temporary Work


Global Investor Roundtable: Cathay Innovation’s 2021 Predictions on What’s Next for VC & Startups Across North America, Europe and Asia

12.31.2020In the Press

Banktech and Payments: What to expect in 2021

12.30.2020In the Press

30 Executives Share Top Healthcare Predictions & Trends to Watch in 2021

12.29.2020In the Press

From startups to Starbucks: The embedded API opportunity (TechCrunch)


New Year Letter: 2020 Reflections to 2021 Predictions


Behind the Term Sheet: How ZenBusiness is the Operating System for Small Business — Making Entrepreneurship Accessible for All


Behind the Term Sheet: How FirstVet’s Telemedicine for Pets is Revolutionizing Animal Care


Industry Spotlight: Insurance at the Inflection Point — Digitization Disruption in the Developed World Meets Massive Emerging Market Growth Opportunity


Behind the Term Sheet: How Skan’s AI-Driven Process Discovery is a Launchpad for Digital Transformation


Behind the Term Sheet: How Savana Accelerates Life-Saving Health Science with Big Data

10.02.2020In the Press

Which neobanks will rise or fall?


Investing in Sidecar Health: Bringing Better Access to Quality Affordable Healthcare in the US


From the Eyes of F500 Execs: Making Sense of the Automation Journey

07.18.2020In the Press

How to deploy RPA responsibly in the COVID-19 era


Fueling Transformative Innovation in Healthcare with Sanofi

06.02.2020In the Press

‘Video is fine’: venture capitalists find the benefits in digital due diligence


Accelerating the Digitalization of Healthcare: Cathay Innovation Leads €28M Series B in Germany’s MEDWING

05.13.2020In the Press

Venture Capital Has A Lot To Learn From Fintech: Data-Driven, New Products, And More Access To A Broader Set Of Companies


$550M to invest in Startups Impacting the World

04.29.2020In the Press

‘Post-pandemic, SEA will see a sustainable leapfrog into the digital age’: Cathay Innovation report


COVID-19 & South East Asia: A Catalyst for a Sustainable Leapfrog in the Digital Age

04.15.2020In the Press

The coronavirus might have changed China’s venture capital scene for good

04.07.2020In the Press

Forget Unicorns. Startups Should Be Camels

04.07.2020In the Press

How Entrepreneurs Succeed Outside Silicon Valley


Start Up Bright Spots in a Time of Global Meltdown

04.06.2020In the Press

How Does Your Financial Future Change From These Unexpected Good Things That Will Come Out Of This Crisis?

04.01.2020In the Press

How bad will SaaS churn get in the downturn


Cathay Innovation suggestions and tactical advices to deal with the COVID-19 period


A Sustainable Economy: it takes a Village!

03.06.2020In the Press

With Coronavirus, there’s more to do than wash your hands

03.05.2020In the Press

Firms Move to Hold Virtual Meetings, Limit Travel Amid Coronavirus

03.01.2020In the Press

China’s Venture Capitalists Start Making Deals, Amid Signs of Recovery

02.29.2020In the Press

The Unique Challenges To Scaling Fintechs In Emerging Markets


China 2020: Rise of the AI driven Services

01.21.2020In the Press

Why 2020 Is The Year For Fintech

01.13.2020In the Press

How Start-ups Became The Key To A Sustainable Economy


3 Cathay Innovation Predictions for 2020


Pourquoi les startups sont devenues la clé vers une économie durable


Web Summit 2019: 3 Take-Aways on the Future of Tech


Industry Insights: How Logistics is Changing

11.04.2019In the Press

The five biggest trends in Fintech for 2020

10.18.2019In the Press

4 scenarios new entrepreneurs should consider when setting up a global company


We’re looking for you to join the Cathay Innovation team!

07.31.2019In the Press

How retailers can survive the Amazon era

07.10.2019In the Press

Interview: Cathay Innovation

07.06.2019In the Press

Distributed teams are helping startups scale faster


The Rise of AI-Driven Enterprise Software in China


Internet Access for the Next Billion People: Meet KaiOS, the Company Taking on the Global Digital Divide


CES 2019: The shift towards an AI driven services economy has begu


Connecting African Entrepreneurs to the world with the first Pan-African Venture Capital Fund

03.25.2019In the Press

What Type Of Innovator Do You Want To Be?

03.21.2019In the Press

China and the Bay Area face off over AI

03.01.2019In the Press

Denis Barrier on globalization


Do not miss 5G, the highway to the Artificial Intelligence revolution!

01.08.2019In the Press

Denis Barrier discusses the latest that some Chinese tech firms have to offer at CES 2019


Where East meets West: Consumer Fintech at a crossroads — A South East Asia Story

11.27.2018In the Press

The innovation supply chain: How ideas traverse continents and transform economies

10.02.2018In the Press

InsurTech Investor Panel: It’s About Finding Pain Points, Trimming Fat

10.02.2018In the Press

Financial Inclusion- Innovation Meets Social Responsibility


Insuretech’s real promise: growing the pie


How we early-backed Cootek, now China’s most global software company, with 132 Million DAU in 240 countries, going Public on the NYSE on September 28

08.20.2018In the Press

‘The future will be won or lost on this technology. I’m very concerned’: The co-founder of a $9 billion company warns that China is on track to dominate the US in AI


PinDuoDuo: how they became the fastest growing commerce company ever


Help your ecosystem and your ecosystem will help you, the lesson taught by the uncontainable rise of PinDuoDuo


Why I joined Cathay Innovation


Peek, the company that is powering your next local experience


What it will take to power the revolution in mobility, and transportation as it appears at Movin’On conference

04.25.2018In the Press

Meet our advisors: Denis Barrier, co-founder and CEO of Cathay Innovation

03.13.2018In the Press

Nicolas du Cray (Cathay Innovation): “The speed of digitalization in China has been incredible”


Is the future of cartech in China?


How we bet on the man who went from Zero to US$ 15 Billion sales run-rate in 18 months


Digital Revolution makes adjacent industries collide